Delta International Flight Attendant Salary

Delta international flight attendants salary can very from  location to location. International flight attendants help assure the comfort and safety of Delta airlines passengers. They provide food and beverage service on many flights. They also instruct passengers about safety measures before and during flight operations. Delta flight attendants act as customer service contacts with travelers, answering questions about rewards programs and handling complaints. Finally, the attendants serve an important security role by observing passenger behavior and reporting and handling any problems they encounter.

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Responsibilities 
  • Greet fliers, accept tickets, assist with luggage, and direct passengers to their seats.
  • Keep the passenger area hygienic and in keeping with appearance standards.
  • Make announcements, answer questions, and resolve emergent problems.
  • Serve and/or sell meals, beverages and in-flight entertainment.
  • Provide safety overviews to all passengers, particularly the exit rows.

The average base right for a flight attendant on Delta international flights is $ With bonuses, overtime, profit sharing and tips the average salary range is between $25,798 – $113,401 a year.

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