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What is is the latest and greatest tool for finding low cost airfare. Bundled with many features to help the research and booking process you’ll soon see why booking your next Delta flight on Kiwi we’ll help save you a ton of money. If your travel plans are flexible Kiwi can help find the best, and cheapest, Delta flights destinations and dates in a nutshell is a flight search engine that uses powerful algorithms to find the cheapest flight, flight route and time to fly. Not only is Kiwi able to find you the cheapest route but also the fastest in terms of flight travel time.

What make booking Delta Flights on Kiwi Different?

Combining Airlines

Kiwi is able to join together almost all the flights worldwide. They have the ability to combine flights from low cost airlines with big airlines in order to get you the lowest price possible. is able to give you all possible routes to your destination in order to save you money.

Radius Search

This features is the one that sets them apart. Lets say you want to travel to a region. The radius search lets you dry a circle around an area and kiwi fill find you the cheapest flight to that region.

Tour The World

Now this is something for real world travelers! Head over to and look above the search bar. There’s the word MultiCity. Click that. Now we’re going on a journey around Europe.

Let’s start in London, shall we? And we’ll choose the cheapest flights we see, unless they take us backwards. Düsseldorf, then Romania, and Brussels, Warsaw, to Eindhoven, Copenhagen, and finally Prague. You can choose how long you’ll spend at up to eight destinations.

What’s the cost for this trip? €136 ($146) for a month and a half’s worth of travelling through Europe. You couldn’t beat that with a big stick.

Does Offer any Guarantees with Delta Flights?

We all know that flights get cancelled or delayed for plenty of reasons. With you might be flying with different airlines to your final destination. These airlines might not talk to each other about your journey and that means you could get stuck if you miss a connection. 

If this happens, get immediately in contact with, you can call or chat (24/7) with them.

They will book a new flight for you at no cost. If there is no flight available on the same day, they will cover your hotel costs up to €50 ($53). Additional you’ll €10 ($11) for food if you have a delay of more than four hours. Just make sure to keep all receipts.

You can find more details about the guarantee in their terms and conditions.

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